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So here's the thing I hate to be that person, but here is the deal... my icons are not bases. That means they are not to be taken and edited (even if you do credit me for the original icon, which yes I appreciate but). My icons are not the greatest but I do put a lot of time and effort into finding caps, cropping, colouring, adjusting lighting etc; For the most part, all the icons I make are for myself and friends but I figure why not share them because sharing is caring, right? Taking them and editing them to the point they don't look the same is kind of tacky.

I didn't think I'd have to post this as a rule, but clearly I'm naive when it comes to RP because apparently, this is still a thing (it's 2016 come on internet). If you're going to go to the effort of taking someone else's icons and edit them to the point they look nothing like the original - why not just make your own? Wouldn't that be easier? Then you can make them exactly how you want. I like my icons mostly, but seeing them taken and heavily edited is really frustrating.

I'm not going to be a bitch and call people out on this. I'm just going to ask that in the future people not do this. If it happens again I'm going to lock the community. I'm also going to ask that from now on you comment if you're going to use my icons.

So from now on the rules are as follows

1. Credit either [personal profile] nards or [community profile] orbitcity.
2. Please comment. It'd be nice to know if these are being used.
3. These icons are not bases! Do not take them and edit them.
UM. That's it really. New icons sets from Warcraft coming soon.. ish. Maybe.
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Angélica Celaya as Sonia Ruiz in Castle

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